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  1. Tokarev Sp RH

    Was that a challenge? Jk, I think I'm my next one will be something other than a gun. Your gun would beat mine because of its usability. Mine is completely solid except for the hammer.
  2. Tokarev Sp RH

    So I had an a couple hours to mess around so I decided to test out some ideas in MI. If I get more time, I'll actually work on something useful in MI. This turned out to look pretty cool but its pretty sloppy. I'm not going to put a download because it was never intended to be used. Everything is one color because of laziness and the model I copied from didn't have any. If I have more free time, I'll try to make more low poly/detail models like above. I'll take requests if you have any but know that I might not get to it. Credits: Model: Me Recreated Gun From Here Mineimator Community Build: @Nimi
  3. Cyberman Timelapse (Mineimator)

    Apart from some bad techniques used in this, I pretty much made character rigs like this (and hated it). Completely custom characters and objects have always been my specialty though. Anyways, there are many parts in this rig that could be removed for simplicity and ram efficiency. Since objects can't be extruded, most of the time many objects are used to make a basic shape. This makes the engine render unnecessary parts. You can make item sheets and custom shapes from there. Also, avoid from using high poly spheres and cylinders. It breaks from the Minecraft style. Overall, as a standalone rig, it is decent but as Mondasian Cyberman, it isn't that great. I don't watch doctor who but looking at google images, the rig would need a lot more detail.
  4. RELIEF [3rd 4k Wallpaper]

    "Rule of thirds" If I remember correctly, it basically splits your composition into 9 equal boxes. A phone's camera should have a setting to overlay this. Essentially, it helps you focus certain parts of an image without it having to be in the middle. For example, if a person is not looking at the camera, he/she should be placed about 1/3 of the horizontal axis (a bit left from the middle) or the mirror that so there is extra room in front of the person. I could explain this a lot more but maybe in a separate post.
  5. Hasty

    Honestly, the awkward rotating at the end ruined it for me. I don't know if characters can have custom rotation points but you can always attach it to a cube or something and rotate that.
  6. Just Test This McMojang TP

    Using cubes for shadows? Haven't seen someone do that in a while. It's fine to do it but the placement is off in some places.
  7. I'm talking about a full recreation of a scene kind of example. If you are gonna make this project, you should be able to do something like that.
  8. I'll consider joining if I can see your animating skills. Give an example of an animated short.
  9. I can't help you then. First, I don't have enough information. Second, it has nothing to do with this thread. Make a post in the help subsection. Make sure to have a detailed description.
  10. What exactly did you do to get to this
  11. What is the error?
  12. How do I animate large cities without lag?

    My Suggestions: These can be done individually or together. Render Multiple Videos. Render the foreground, then the background (can be multiple). Layer them on top of each other. Take screenshots of the background and use that instead Render camera cuts individually. Removing unused assets from the scene to reduce lag. Split the scene into multiple project files. Example: Scenery, Characters, Particles, Background. Then have someone with a more powerful computer put them together and render it for you. You can also empty the buildings that are not being used. Remove all the blocks that are not visible. Use dof and/or fog.
  13. The Grand Hotel - [2K]

    To add onto it. The building in the foreground looks decent enough but the buildings in the background look bland. Mainly because of the same block that is used on all of the buildings. You can fix this with fog, dof, or different lighting on them.
  14. The Grand Hotel - [2K]

    The edited version looks horrific (no offence). I would say it could be edited better but the original isn't all that great too. There isn't much detail. I don't know what "Black Hawk Down" is but I can't even tell that there is a hotel in the picture. I could get into camera positioning and lighting but I'm sure someone can do that for me.
  15. Remake From Mine-Imator To Cinema 4.D

    This might be a challenge
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