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  1. GAU-17/A Minigun Rig

    Well, don't bump topics, but I did it so that it would work while keeping the minecraftyness of it.
  2. Dodge Dakota rig

    Just made an update, added two new variants.
  3. Dodge Dakota rig

  4. Dodge Dakota rig

    What do you mean by 'tech car'? Self-driving, Tesla, or something else?
  5. Dodge Dakota rig

    Thanks! I'll try to make another next week, if possible.
  6. Dodge Dakota rig

    I noticed there are a lot of car rigs on the forums, but not any trucks. I fixed that issue. Without further ado, here's some pictures: Dem doors are openable. Specially designed for crashes. Short and long cab variants. Off-Road variant. You can select "exterior" and color that to color the truck. It also has an interior that isn't anything special. V2 (Latest) V1 Changelog: V1:Release. V2:Added Short Cab (Inspired by @ShadowUnicorn_Gaming's short cab mod) and Offroad (Modified short cab) variants. If you find any mistakes, I'll fix it in an update. kbai (i know the presentation was bad. idek.)
  7. Viber Infinty Animated Movie

    Hmm, that's very odd...
  8. And no, this is not a COD wallpaper. Edited: Unedited: kbai
  9. Ender's AMA (Because I had to.)

    All of you people can find more of this crap here. You should find the final spider thing there. -- Sorry about the bump, but it'd be better than just making a new AMA and forgetting my overdue answers.
  10. AMA Ask Away

  11. The Girl and The Dragon

    3doffy5me What everyone else said.
  12. ????????

    U srs bruh? No. U not srs. This is a bad intro. A good intro is short, decently animated, and doesn't have crappy generic music.
  13. Companion Cube

    Now I have a use for the incinerator at my house.....
  14. [4K Wallpaper] Urban Ambush

    I really like this. -insert good score/10-
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