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  1. Modelbench Q&A

    Will the forums get a models section in Mine-Imator resources?
  2. Island | Realistic Wallpaper

    No, they sold Source to EA. (I hope that never happens.)
  3. Police Cars

    It looks pretty nice. It does need a huge amount more detail though. Not. Emaniplex is right.
  4. Island | Realistic Wallpaper

    It's GOOOUUURGEEEOOOUUSS No. It's Source 3.
  5. TNT Launcher

  6. TNT Launcher

    It's meh. Also, don't use comic sans.
  7. Sword Swing Keyframes

    Hey, that's not bad! If there's one flaw, it's the lack of movement on the head and left arm.
  8. Minecraft Artwork Experiment

    Whew, that looks nice!
  9. A video showing the darkest part of the bad side of Mine-Imator:


  10. 44 models for an apartment

    OH. MY. GAWD. 11/10.
  11. XM2017 Sniper Rig

    It's really good, but the scope is sorta broken.
  12. 3000 Posts, FAQ, AMA

    Will you make some dank memes in modelbench when it comes out? Oh, also, I joined the forums exactly one month before you.
  13. For Honor GMV (Not Minecraft)

    I've never played it, but that looks pretty cool.
  14. Vespur, A little about him

    Meme land. Only meme land.
  15. Vespur, A little about him

    Edit:lol spaghetti mane
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