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  2. This is a short animation i've made its not the best and im rusty but here it is.
  3. Easy. You don't
  4. alright so i found the problem and it took me about 2 days to fix but i reuploaded it and it should not be laggy now. Im sorry about the last video being laggy but everything should be good now.
  5. Yeah i noticed the lag but i dont think it was that bad
  6. Hi im doomdude and i am proud to announce my new minecraft animation INVASION. This has taken me a long time(really long time) and here it is . Please subscribe and like to encourage me to continue making animations
  7. Trailer

    nice. looks really good
  8. i use obs (open broadcaster software)
  10. Happy 14th birthday!

  11. nice. looks really cool
  13. Don't be greedy
  14. Hey this is my first episode of my new series A Colorless World!!! More coming soon since i'm in spring beak now. Woohhhh SPRING BREAK.....okay here it is sorry for just putting the link. i couldn't figure out how to post the video without putting the link
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