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  1. Thanks! It is! Yeah... I think i went too crazy with the speed, and i also agree with the rotation too.
  2. Thank you!
  3. Not really much else to say....
  4. Looks crisssp....
  5. Holy crap YouTube is very glitched right now.

    1. CatOnCaffeine


      Thought I was the only one lmao.

  6. This is the quality content i love to see on the internet...
  7. Spoiler

    RIP Universe 9, You will be missed.


    1. Quickstreak


      i was just about to say that rip

      i was legit shaking

    2. TheMightyStagga


      Yeah, i kind of liked the Trio De Dangers too....  

  8. I know the voice lines sound weird but it'll be fixed in the full animation.
  9. Super Episode 97 was great! :thumbsup:

    1. Quickstreak


      i was sitting on the edge of my seat

    2. TheMightyStagga


      haha, same.

  10. I think it starts off pretty good and starts to fall off towards the end...
  11. Cool, I love Injustice! Still waiting for my beta code though.
  12. That was sick, kind of reminds me of Dragon Ball.
  13. Just to be clear, i still have about a month to do this right?
  14. I think i'll join.
  15. I love this song!
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