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  1. Here is my first three animations with pivot if you are intrested, i think i did decent. 


  2. omega squad teemo v1

    Oh... my... god... I can never escape this little crap (good rig though lol)
  3. Animating a Larger Project

    If you're are animating a larger project (maybe 3-4 minutes) do you have it all in one project or have it in separate projects and edit it together?
  4. Lets fight 2:00 our grandma's house.

    1. ShadowZero


      I uh.....

      I mean its 6:05.....

    2. Quickstreak


      its going down

  5. Do you guys prefer to use fingers in your animations?

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. EnderSculptor


      I only use fingers when I have crippling depression.

    3. Ninja Dino

      Ninja Dino

      Nope. It's a pain to animate them in Mine-Imator.

    4. lifecraft


      no, I just don't want to try and animate them, often times they don't work well anyways

  6. Dragon Ball Super Episode 100

    Image result for PogChamp

  7. Sonic the hedgehog From Sonic Boom RIG [wallpaper]

    That looks really clean. I would legitimately use that and i usually don't mess around with sonic stuff.
  8. Another Small Sprite Animation

    Thanks! It is! Yeah... I think i went too crazy with the speed, and i also agree with the rotation too.
  9. Another Small Sprite Animation

    Thank you!
  10. Another Small Sprite Animation

    Not really much else to say....
  11. My first gun rig

    Looks crisssp....
  12. Holy crap YouTube is very glitched right now.

    1. CatOnCaffeine


      Thought I was the only one lmao.

  13. Eating A McDonalds Hamburger

    This is the quality content i love to see on the internet...
  14. Spoiler

    RIP Universe 9, You will be missed.


    1. Quickstreak


      i was just about to say that rip

      i was legit shaking

    2. TheMightyStagga


      Yeah, i kind of liked the Trio De Dangers too....  

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