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  1. Deactivate your antivirus, or whitelist the MI importer. If your antivirus doesn't allow any of that, just uninstall it, i personally feel like those types of antivirus do more harm than good honestly.
  2. Thanks for crediting me! That wallpaper sure looks cool.
  3. I've only recently seen the images with the new textures. I can definitely tell that some blocks are going to look ugly.
  4. What do you mean? If you mean that it will be obsolete because it doesn't work on the newest version anymore, i'm working on an updated version.
  5. Of course not, dummy. I've talked to David (The creator of Mine-Imator) some brief couple of times and he definitely wouldn't package his program with a virus to f&%! with people.
  6. Wow, the detail is impressive! I definitely can see the videos because they aren't taken down.
  7. This is extremely well done and you can just see really good effort being put into this project. The details that you guys put in look amazing. This definitely looks and feels better than Story Mode itself. You definitely need more reputation, good luck into the next projects!
  8. Hey, can you spare me a couple 'o' bucks will 'ye?

  9. Jeez, being conscious about criticism doesn't mean you're not going to get it.
  10. Ninja demo eating a burger but everytime he takes a bite an entire episode of JoeysWorldTour plays but whenever Joey takes a bite the video becomes incrementally more bass-boosted and distorted.
  11. I need to see the Internet phenomena.

  12. Seems like you really put effort into making your animation. People like you need more reputation.
  13. Great work, it feels like good effort went into making it.
  14. The greatest shitpost ever.
  15. You must've lost your wits, yeah?

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