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  1. So what is ModelBench?

    No, you will be able to do that straight from Mine-imator itself, with no conversion necessary. Modelbench will be used to create more complex models that require multiple parts to work, like characters and special blocks.
  2. So what is ModelBench?

    Mine-imator 1.1.0 will use the vanilla Minecraft JSON models for blocks, which allows for quick updates once a new Minecraft version brings in new blocks.
  3. So what is ModelBench?

    Hi, Modelbench is an upcoming tool that will allow users to create .mimodel files, the new model format introduced in Mine-imator 1.1.0. We've been using it internally to convert all the old models, and we're currently working on making it suitable for a public release, though we cannot give you any estimated time of release for the time being. Hope that helps!
  4. Can i Import Custom 3D Java Block Models?

    Hi, Being able to import JSON block models from Minecraft resource packs is planned for the stable release of Mine-imator 1.1.0, but it's not yet available in the current pre-releases.
  5. Ask the Artist

    Okay, serious question now. Who are your favorite artists?
  6. Ask the Artist

  7. Who needs developers when you have machine learning?


  8. Ask the Artist

  9. Should I make a Minecraft webcomic?

    If you wanna do something, just do it! Let the people judge if it's good, not if you should do it at all.
  10. Rafyfoullian Heights [4k]

    The blockiness of the shadows kinda ruin the whole thing, unfortunately. :/
  11. The whole point of a beta is to let users point out issues so that they can be fixed for an upcoming release. 🙄
  12. Most of the internal data files have been changed to work using JSON now, so yes, looks like you'll need to do a lot more work to update your files.
  13. Hello! Mine-imator Community Build is now deprecated and is no further support will be provided. I recommend you use the vanilla version of 1.0.6 or check out the pre-release of 1.1.0.
  14. Recently, I've created a few illustrations for Mine-imator 1.1.0 and Modelbench, trying to replicate the illustration style used in official promotional artwork for Minecraft. Today, I decided to try a full scenery instead of a patch of grass and characters. I might do more of these, hopefully improving the way they look over time. Enjoy!
  15. >MRW https://i.imgur.com/YYOacDR.gifv
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