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  1. Lens Flare | A Rushed Mine-imator Wallpaper

    Yeah, nothing's too bad. But try utilizing the rule of thirds. Remember, when editing, subtlety is key. Don't try to make something in editing the main focus of your wallpaper.
  2. oh boy, 16 now. i can get a driver's license

  3. Dev update #11: Animated feature gallery

    Cant wait Thanks for another great update! (soon)
  4. Look at this graph

  5. "Josh.mp4" - My last Mine-Imator Animation. Ever.

    It's been great, Josh. Good luck, and have fun.
  6. It's possible? [Large Image]

    So, like waves? Not that I know of. I suppose with some particle work and retextured bodies, you could get something going for you.
  7. Frossa's gone.


    1. Skjold


      It was bound to happen eventually.

    2. lifecraft
  8. Coming soon...

  9. I Hate this thing in Mine Imator

    It's called gimbal lock, and it's caused by the attached axises moving inside each other. Pretty sure there were many people asking for it's removal or something.
  10. 3d charcter

    The problem is that when you say "3d character," people are going to expect a "3d character," with 3d clothes, hair, and a facial rig. Next time, you could say something like "3d hair test" or something, which would be more relevant to your topic.
  11. Herobrine Sighting

    Ok then. I don't believe in Herobrine though
  12. Steven Universe - Peridot

    i hate noses
  13. What's up with people impersonating me on Discord? Already heard of 2 clones of me...

    1. alfadog


      hey you should be exited about this,that means that people want to be like you cuz they think ur cool


    2. SteampunkSkeleton


      @alfadog No I'm not, because at least one of these clones was causing trouble on other Discord servers by being profane and insulting others. I'm concerned about my own image being tainted by these kids who think it's funny to imitate others and act immature.

  14. Customizable Furry/Anthro Rig [WOLF]

    I suppose you could say that; after all, the legs and face look too detailed compared to features like the tail and body. But to be honest, this should have been said earlier; there was no need to drag on a furry argument if everyone was clear about what was wrong with the rig(s.) So yeah, If MicroPon3 is reading this, try to remain consistent in your next rigs...
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