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  1. So halfway into making this I realized that Allemn made his own Pearl rig... Oh what the heck, I'll finish mine. I'm so tired but I had to finish this before my internet cuts out tomorrow ;_; What the heck it's still uploading to Mediafire... I'll wait Done! Download Credit MUST be given (If anything breaks I can't get back to you until maybe after tomorrow, yeah sorry )
  2. Quite possibly. Am I becoming a Skjold? It's still great, anyways
  3. I like the mossy log and posing :3 But the ambient shadows aren't grayish blue...
  4. So tomorrow the internet at my place is shutting off so my parents can switch ISPs.

    Feels bad man. It's gonna be a long day.

    1. Dannyboi


      Download Cave Story, the original 2004 version.

  5. Wow, never thought that would be so important to someone thanks!
  6. I'd imagine my rig is partly compatible with SKIBBZ'. With some tinkering, you could remove the lashes off of SKIBBZ' rig and throw it on mine
  7. Is Imgur down for you?
  8. So I mainly created this rig so I wouldn't have to worry about redistributing facial rigs. I designed it to be simple to use like SKIBBZ' rig, but with a bit of my own improvements, such as edges to the mouth and eyes. Controls are basically the same as SKIBBZ' rig, but the teeth do not scale with the mouth, and the colors of the mouth and eye edges need to be manually changed. I must really thank SKIBBZ; deconstructing his rig taught me a lot about how he made it, and he gave me the inspiration to create mine. Download (Credit not required, but appreciated. If you would like to redistribute this rig in your own rigs, please PM me here or on the Mine-imator Discord.) Requires Mine-imator Community Build v. 3
  9. That necro was so strong it brought me back to life
  10. Don't use #000000 black ever. Try to use a very dark shade of grey, like #222222. This is so shadows and SSAO renders properly on it. And like Tiedemies said, try to add variation with the colors; throw in some lighter and darker shades of grey.
  11. No stretched textures detected, excellent work
  12. teaser

    You don't have to, you just need some more pixelated leaves, so they don't look out of place in the pixelated feel of Minecraft.
  13. teaser

    In my opinion the detailed leaves and sticks on the ground distract from the mine-crafty feel. Generally, you want all of your textures to stay at the same resolution. This is my personal preference however, so do whatever you'd like.
  14. Shadows 0:48 - Facial rig malfunction Objects clipping into terrain (0:25 - Arm clips into bookshelf, 0:54 - Fishing pole clips into wall) There are some areas where the linear transitions are apparent. Perhaps make ambient lighting dark grayish blue? Just my two cents
  15. reference

    Ah, then there is no official manual. However, there are a lot of user-created tutorials, which you can check out on Youtube. I'm afraid your documentation would be redundant.
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