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  1. Lag and not being able to do more details as you can now.
  2. The fingers make the arms seem a lot bigger and longer, maybe its just me.
  3. I quite like this car. (Image.)krissybugatti3_by_krisfirebolt-d8tj9a9.p

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    2. KrisFirebolt


      That's fine. ^^

    3. EthanForeverAlone


      Give it textures. The noise of the normal blocks ruin it.

    4. KrisFirebolt


      I gotcha. This picture was from a few years ago though. I wanted to update the model I just never got around to it.

  4. car

    You should practice a little more~
  5. maylandcity

    They couldn't have been that bad.
  6. maylandcity

    I can give you a private message if you want to talk about it over there. Thanks. You made cars before, haven't you?
  7. I like this render, good shading and placement of objects. Keep going, you can make more great things, just allow yourself to practice more. ^^
  8. maylandcity

    Thank you.
  9. maylandcity

    Does this mean I'm back? Who knows. We'll have to see. I've been here for a while, although silent. I was hesitant to make this topic, I'm not sure if I did something like this before.. When I used to make cars back in the day, lol I feel like I can actually say that given how many years it's been. I pretty much had 'em block by block, though with world edit to speed it up. Gee, I thought for sure with what I've done in the past I wouldn't have wanted to come back. I'm older now, as well. I could probably make things again. I figured enough time passed, all could be forgiven and I tried practicing with animation again. The new 1.0.0 updates work much better than the old 0.7 demo I've used forever. It helps to know that I can rely on something to not be as stubborn as I am and to actually have progress with something. Sure, I could totally have something better by now, but I chose to do something else. Many other things else. Like attending a College, making costumes, improving my social life. Don't mind that last part. As before I joined the forum, and still in present time, I've been addicted to Minecraft, and some other games... I've had many worlds, met many players, and ran my own server since update 1.5. Who knows, maybe I'll use it in my animations, I've got plenty of ideas. The thing's huge. I also can't help but to make complex cities in other games, or to drive around cities in other games. Minecraft allows me to make every little part and I've been running off my imagination ever since. And I love imagination. A few of my favorite screenshots of Mayland City, split two pics per spoiler, about four spoilers, as to help with browsing as these can be slightly big. Just felt like sharing them to show Mayland City. I try to think of it like an art. Some of my friends see it as an art as well. I used to have other people to play with but as if 2015 I've only played on my own. Preemptive Paragraph: #1: Nature. #2: CommonWealth. #3: County. #4: City. Let me know what y'all think. Also, did you want me to be active more? Kris~
  10. Did y'all have a good 420? :P

  11. Looks really nice.
  12. Oh deary me, It's been ages since I was last here. Hard to believe it's going to be three years lol.

    1. KrisFirebolt


      Is there a point to return? Just curious.

  13. Trying this right now AND I AM LOVING IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. One tip about me: Don't ever talk to me about pop music, or public radio. I'll end up ranting about how bad music has become.


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    2. RedcapCreations


      I like modern songs...

      It's only once it's played that many times on the radio you could probably draw the wave forms in your sleep that it becomes bad.

    3. MineRocker Animations

      MineRocker Animations

      Not all pop songs are bad.. Most of them are very bad but hating pop music on general is just disrespecting a lot of artists.

    4. KrisFirebolt


      "Artists" or "Actual artists"?

  15. Happy December 1st

    1. Nimi


      It's not December 1st without this.

    2. Emaniplex


      One more day until I receive my target.  :D  

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