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  1. The No Motivation Collab!

    Okay, it's been a couple of days, but I guess the deadline is up. Please send your submissions.
  2. Coming soon...

    woah dat font size is too large m8. calm down
  3. Coming soon...

    The spoiler shows how I feel.
  4. Click on the spoiler for some weird conversations with 3 endings! Click on the spoiler above to know the backstory of this series! Anyways, here's the W.I.P episode!
  5. The No Motivation Collab!

    try to make it look like you have no motivation ---- UPDATE: Message me through Mine-Imator forums with your submission!
  6. Forming A Team Of Animators!

    Uh... we all know how this went XDDDD
  7. yay i was inactive for a while again

  8. The No Motivation Collab!

    You get the point!
  9. The No Motivation Collab!

    Okay, so, uh... yeah. This is basically my first collab. Anyways, I was thinking inside of my head when I was at school or something, (idk,) that I should probably do some random collab. So then, I realized, when I got home, I was mostly not very motivated at some times. Maybe, I thought, that sometimes, people are not very motivated too, so I thought of something called the "No Motivation Collab" where you have to try to not be motivated and try to make an animation. Rules, you may ask? Yes. 1. No NSFW Stuff. 2. To submit, give me the rendered file through my e-mail, ( EDIT: Just send me a message through Mine-Imator forums! 3. No spamming your submissions to my e-mail. Look, okay, I will check on yours when I have the time. 4. Your submission should be between 10-30 seconds. 5. I will need 720p and 30fps. 6. Have your channel name in the corner AKA a watermark. 7. Link your YouTube channel. That's it... EDIT 2: Music or sounds are allowed... Background music will just be a bit lower to hear whatever it is. Swearing? Now that will be censored! Wait, Josh! You forgot the deadlines! Oh, yeah. Let's go for September 1 - September 10 cuz why not? (It was originally August 31 - September 9th but I posted this at 8:31 PM :P) Deadline Is Up!
  10. My Intro for YouTube!

  11. minecraft - fighting the blindness, ep-2

  12. minecraft - fighting the blindness, ep-2

    shad oop pluz
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