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  1. Mr turtles I hope you have a very turtle birthday! Badum tch

  2. Fridge Rig

    Yes it is. I plan to add shelves or a texture that has food. (which ever people want more) I plan on having that done some time this week. Oh, and you don't sound rude.
  3. Fridge Rig

    Okay, but there isn't much to see.
  4. Fridge Rig

    While making an animation I made this. I plan on making it so you are able to open it and have a food texture or shelves on the inside. I also plan to make better textures if people think I should (P.s the fridge texture is not mine. I was in a hurry so I got one online. If it is yours just message me and I will give you credit) Picture: Download
  5. Couch Rig

    Sorry! Will remove it
  6. Couch Rig

    I made a simple Couch Rig. It uses custom textures! Pictures Download
  7. Couch Rig

    I made a simple Couch Rig. It uses custom textures! Pictures Download
  8. Texture help?

    Hey guys, I made a rig that has custom textures and I want to know how I would make it downloadable. Do I put the textures with the file or make a folder for them? If anyone knows please help me. Picture of the rig: Figured it out
  9. Simple Chair rig

    Thanks I am happy you like it!
  10. Simple Chair rig

    Hello! I have made a chair rig. I made this because I gotten tired of using stairs as chairs. Pictures Download:
  11. Spider Woman/Queen

    Yeah I like anime >.< Okay, more pics on the way.
  12. Spider Woman/Queen

    Is something wrong? I know my rig is bad compared to yours, but it is my first one -.-
  13. Spider Woman/Queen

    I created a simple Rig of a Spider Woman This is my first rig so please don't hate. DOWNLOAD IMAGES If People give me enough support I will try and make more! CREDITS
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