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  1. Mr turtles I hope you have a very turtle birthday! Badum tch

  2. Yes it is. I plan to add shelves or a texture that has food. (which ever people want more) I plan on having that done some time this week. Oh, and you don't sound rude.
  3. Okay, but there isn't much to see.
  4. While making an animation I made this. I plan on making it so you are able to open it and have a food texture or shelves on the inside. I also plan to make better textures if people think I should (P.s the fridge texture is not mine. I was in a hurry so I got one online. If it is yours just message me and I will give you credit) Picture: Download
  5. Sorry! Will remove it
  6. I made a simple Couch Rig. It uses custom textures! Pictures Download
  7. I made a simple Couch Rig. It uses custom textures! Pictures Download
  8. Hey guys, I made a rig that has custom textures and I want to know how I would make it downloadable. Do I put the textures with the file or make a folder for them? If anyone knows please help me. Picture of the rig: Figured it out
  9. Thanks I am happy you like it!
  10. Hello! I have made a chair rig. I made this because I gotten tired of using stairs as chairs. Pictures Download:
  11. Yeah I like anime >.< Okay, more pics on the way.
  12. Is something wrong? I know my rig is bad compared to yours, but it is my first one -.-
  13. I created a simple Rig of a Spider Woman This is my first rig so please don't hate. DOWNLOAD IMAGES If People give me enough support I will try and make more! CREDITS
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