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  • Interests My hero is Yuri Gagarin, the first man in space, yet space not glory as before, also thanks Steve for helping me with english, and yeah, I like T90, SU-37, and BMP-3.
  1. catchy song
  2. good
  3. confusing, but pretty cool
  4. steve helpe me a lot thanks hope is liked
  5. cccp t80 in wargame alb crush all

  6. add rockets!!!!!
  7. confusing. sir
  8. good
  9. omg its mikhail! sir i thout you dead
  10. I made with camera help from steve and gun from steve, thanks random website for skin, took a few days to make
  11. I move to midwest
  12. that not good, it was hard for me to leave russia, so I undrstand, farewell
  13. where gun from
  14. B) moved there now im a american
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