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  1. 30 posts hidden. Further insults will receive full warning points. Enjoy your day.
  2. A .Rar is a compressed folder basically. Inside it would be the rig and it's contents. To open it and extract what's inside it you need a program that can open them such as: WinZip WinRar 7ZIP You'll have to install these programs and extract the contents to have them useable in MI. Not to mention almost everything shared online that's downloadable is usually in a compressed file, so having one of these programs installed is helpful all around.
  3. Just an FYI, Windows 10 is only protected from WannaCry if you're fully updated. In my case, I had the updates disabled because of my 0.8mbps connection, and didn't get the security fix.

    1. Emunator


      Correct, however the patch was introduced in windows 10 before Wannacry was even released.
      My post is more referring to Versions which had no protection until just under a week ago.

      I'll add a note anyway after my mention of windows 10.

    2. Zeno


      The patch was introduced before Wannacry was released, I'm referring to people who may have disabled windows update before then. Like I did. :$

  4. Locked. The OP edited all his content out, so it's clear he doesnt want any further discussion on this topic. @Daffa_the_One If for some reason you wish this topic unlocked again in the future, PM me or another staff member.
  5. I'm sure many of you are aware of the Ransomware virus going around called "WannaCry". For those that don't know, it's a virus spreading around the globe at this current time. Once your computer contracts the virus a majority of your files gets encrypted, and a popup comes up claiming you have pay a certain amount of funds to get your files decrypted and useable again. It was estimated 3600 computers were hit with this virus every hour, infected over 150 countries and has infected more than 200,000 computers already. (Increasing slowly as we speak since people are now updating and protecting themselves) Although the virus was stopped, new versions and methods are starting to spread up again. Windows 10 is protected against this attack. (Provided you've updated in the last couple months) However, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, 7, 8 and 8.1 are not. To protect against this attack, and stop the chance of your computer getting infected and losing your files forever, you'll need to download and install the new released Windows patch for those systems.(I know, who updates windows these days? Noone, thats why the virus was so effective.) For most systems and versions, you simply go to Control Panel > Security > Windows Updates and look for the most recent patch. If this isnt available for you, google is an amazing tool, search how to install it. If you cannot find a patch after googling and checking your updates list, click here and download your correct version. Note: If you are running auto-updates you most likely already have the fix installed by now. FAQ: "Why do we care? The chance of us being hit is low isnt it?" No, infact according to IPBoard statistics, a majority of users on the forums are in countries that have been hit and spread the most. So I'm being nice and informing everyone, as you once you get the virus, kiss your files good bye. I've already seen 2-3 status updates with members saying some of their family and people they know have been hit with it. "What do we do if we are hit with it?" Install Antivirus software immediately or run your current one you have on your system, although it won't save your files, it'll stop the virus from encrypting any more files on your pc and remove the annoying popup. Unfortunately to my knowledge, unless you have a backup, any files that were encrypted in that time are forever lost.(Which is why you should patch now.) "If we pay the ransom do we get our files back?" No, it's a virus, intended to steal money and its impossible for the devs to track your computer down after payment, so no. Do not pay the money, as you will not gain any decryption key as promised. This post is probably useless to many of you who have heard of this before and already protected themselves, this post is intended for those who are not. As I said before, the original Wannacry virus was halted, however new versions and methods have released work arounds, so the virus is still spreading, although slowly, it still is, hence me writing this post. PM or Google any questions if need be, or if I got anything wrong.
  6. This is... One of the greatest wallpapers I've seen in a long time. It's simple, not overedited, everything blends nicely and the scene isn't over crowded. I'd give an honest rating of 9/10. You're well deserving of the current rep you have on this topic.
  7. Try and delete the settings.file in the Data folder and restart.
  8. Are you using installer or ZIP If ZIP, are you unzipping before running? Could you PM me your name, sometimes certain characters mess the filepath and Mineimator doesn't like that. "Missing file: C:\Users\(can't tell you my name)\Downloads\Mine-imator\Mine-imator\Data\import.exe" Can you check if this file is missing?
  9. What movie is your profile pic/banner from? Looks interesting.

  10. Files within Mine-imator or random files on your computer?
  11. It wouldnt prevent you from animating, just a purely aesthetic feature.
  12. This is actually a nice and smooth intro, nice job, very fast paced which is nice. I do feel however, that a few seconds could have been trimmed off of it. It lingers at the end for no apparent reason other than to forward the music, my opinion anyway.
  13. Same thing happened to one of my mates living room, happened because a crack around the light and eventually just got to big. Except the entire ceiling fell and injured his mum. Spent 3 hours installing new insulation and holding up gyprock to make the new ceiling.
  14. Although the API of the forums allows you to view the forums, post and more, That is not what my intention is, just a purely aesthetic feature that I might do to add extra user interaction. So no, although I could do that, It's not going to be added. If mean showing total online users on the forums, then no, unfortunately the API doesn't support that. If you mean a feature that shows all the people 'logged in' on the program, yes I could, but that'd require me to host a server which the program could communicate to.
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