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    The Poppy

    I made this picture while I was sick so I hope you like it! Outdoor Assets Pack Rig : @SKIBBZ
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    Hi so this is a cool thing I did do. Whatcha think? btw I'm using my template with some neato fingers added
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    MIP Losers

    I drew a bunch of losers V.1 V.2 ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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    Modelbench Q&A

    Hello! With the upcoming 1.1.0 update being right around the corner, and with Modelbench being released sometime afterwards, we've received countless questions about Modelbench about what it is and what it can do. So before you start asking your burning questions, here are the more common answers to common questions to prevent repetition: Q: What is Modelbench? A: Modelbench is an upcoming tool designed to create Mine-imator model files. Q: Can I load custom models from other programs into Mine-imator with this? A: No. The purpose of Modelbench is to create .mimodel files, a new format for character and special block models introduced in Mine-imator 1.1.0, which is not compatible with models from other programs. Q: Are models better to use than rigs? A: Not necessarily! Models and rigs are so different that it's difficult to compare them. For general purposes, such as creating a Minecraft-like object or creature, models will be easier to make and manage. But if you wish to create something more advanced that uses text or primitives (spheres, cylinders, etc.), only rigs will provide such functionality. Q: When will it be released?! A: Sometime after 1.1.0.
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    so,i just messing around with 1.1.0 and then i got this idea so yeah,here the result: inspired by @Menace k bye
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    Artamiel Crescent

    Halloween Paper Bag Rig

    Images: Download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/fqu89vjs333ei0e/paperbag.zip?dl=0 https://imgur.com/RAJ20Qc
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    I wanted to see how far I could stretch the limit of the lighting range, It didn't look very good ( Maximum Sunlight range decreases shadow quality ). So here is my attempt at trying to make it look pretty Not my best work, But certainly not my worst ( I hope ). Enjoy! { Without Lighting }
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    Woah, I actually kinda tried to give this wallpaper a name
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    Imperial puer


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    Fredbears rig | F.N.A.F

    Hi and this is my ANOTHER! fad rig(I think I am addicted at this point.. seriously.) at first I was not gonna post anymore fad things here but giving my rigs to other peoples one by one is kind of annoying so.. yeah.. sorry. and here's the pics. FREDBEAR NIGHTMARE FREDBEAR NIGHTMARE NIGHTMARIONNE DOWNLOAD - click here
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    Damage | Realistic Wallpaper

    So I went and played a horror map on gmod with a friend which inspired me to create this wallpaper! This has to be my best yet :3. Edited in After Effects. Use this however you like, just don't claim it as your own, thanks! ;3
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    I tried to include fog in my last wallpaper, fog is gross. Y'know what isn't gross? Photoshop. Broville sure gives a lot of nice scenes to work with.
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    you're a really smart person who deserves love and attention just a video i made in my free time (made with vegas movie studio 14)
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    TF2 Teleporter Rig

    Next is Dispenser/Gunslinger or something else lol Download
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    Paul Sheldon

    [4K] Peter Waits for the Bus

    the peter griffin sprite took way longer to make than expected (the new sprite editor came in handy too, saved me a lot of time) also coming to nintendo switch yeah
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    Mine-imator 1.1.0 (pre-release)

    Download the pre-release of the upcoming version 1.1.0! Installer | Archive Version 1.1.0 pre-release 2, 2017.10.17, changes: (NEW!) Fixed many bugs and issues: Improved rendering performance Improved texture handling Faster schematic loading Fixed block timelines duplicating when importing assets Fixed graphical issues with leaves, water/lava, fire and stairs Fixed graphical issues with bent bodyparts Fixed custom languages/fonts not loading when restarting Fixed custom toolbar location not being saved on restart Fixed not being able to open backups Fixed crash when choosing no texture in keyframes Fixed not being able to use the world importer in the Library Fixed a texture bug with Illagers and Zombie Villagers Fixed crash when selecting “no” when asked to replace an imported asset Fixed graphical bug when loading custom-sized skins/textures Fixed not being able to enter decimals for “DOF blur size” in settings Fixed duplicates of particles appearing in the workbench Fixed Coarse Dirt, Quartz Pillars and Trapped Chests not rendering Fixed lights, cameras and particle spawners not appearing in the view until selected Fixed brightness for sea lanterns, portals, comparators, repeaters and lamps Fixed re-loading the project removing “inherit bend” Fixed crashes for extreme bend angles Fixed the hide button not traversing more than 2 levels in the timeline Fixed the bending control being inverted for some models Fixed issues when importing small item sheets Fixed not being able to load resource packs Added option to disable chests/saddle/decoration for Horses and Llamas Added option to disable timelines for special blocks in schematics (Settings->Graphics) Re-added support for .txt language files (missing texts are printed in the log file in %AppData%/Mine_imator) Added sp00ky glowy Enderman eyes Version 1.1.0 pre-release, 2017.10.03, changes (since 1.0.6): Features Added the characters, blocks and items from Minecraft versions up to 1.12 All Minecraft assets are located in an external archive for easier updating Improved the workbench with specialized settings for each character or special blocks, this includes: Gender for Humans Saddle on Pigs Sheared Sheep Tame or angry Wolves Variant for Rabbits, Cats, Horses, Llamas and Villagers Color for Parrots, Shulkers and Shulker Boxes Variant for Chests (Normal, Ender, Trapped, Christmas) Wood for Boats Color for Beds Imported terrain will have certain blocks added as timelines that can be animated, currently supported blocks are: Chests (all types) Beds Doors (all types) Trapdoors (all types) Shulker boxes Enchantment tables Pistons Levers Tripwire hooks Signs with text Block brightness setting under “Graphics” in settings, applied to certain blocks, including: Lava Fire Glowstone Torches Redstone (lamps, wire, torches, repeaters and comparators) Magma Improved block texture animations (added support for fading) Item sheets bumped up from 16x16 to 32x16 slots (512x256 pixels by default), added a popup window to pick the number of slots for newly imported item sheets Custom rotation point option is now enabled for characters, special blocks and folders Inherit rotation point option added for all objects Inherit bend option for all objects “3D” option for text Text and font can now be keyframed (will override the object text) Video resolution setting in camera keyframes (will override the project setting) Watermark updated to display the new site URL (www.mineimator.com) Removed the roll/rotate feature for the work camera (it previously caused a lot of confusion) Texture Filtering Level option in “Graphics” settings Updated the biomes to use proper colors and added “Mesa”, “Nether” and “The End” options Newly saved project files will have the .miproject extension, but you can still open old .mproj projects, in which case a new .miproject copy will be saved and the old file will be renamed to .mproj.old. Other new extensions include: .miobject (objects) .miparticles (particle spawner) .miframes (keyframes) .mimodel (models for character/special blocks) .milanguage (translation found in Data/Languages/) .midata (settings found in Data/) All the new files are in plaintext JSON format, and can be edited using tools like Notepad or Visual Studio Code Source code ported to GameMaker: Studio 2, and is now fully available on GitHub DirectX 11 used for graphics Bugfixes Fixed a stuttering bug with imported audio Fixed errors when importing multiple objects Fixed some errors that occurred with weirdly shaped item sheets Fixed some skin texture issues Fixed a graphical issue with water and lava Fixed “Mix time” in the particle editor Fixed repeating “Open Project” dialog bug Fixed issues when converting block sheets from old projects When reloading/replacing an item sheet resource, items in the project are re-generated The size of the timeline list is now saved upon restart Known issues Walk/Run animation buttons are disabled for now, but don't panic, they will return! Signs imported using the World Importer will not have text Unicode characters not displaying correctly when loading .milanguage files Features in the final release Import external models from Minecraft and ModelBench directly into projects World Importer updated to display new blocks and export Tile Entities Built-in downloader for new assets Thanks to @Nimi, @Voxy and Espresso for helping me make this update possible! Enjoy!
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    Knife Rig

    I made a knife rig for an animation, maybe a few of you guys could use it for your animations aswell. I did get lazy on it, so its not that great. Though the textures were kind of a pain to make. https://imgur.com/a/eXq6N Picture for some reason wont go through so just click on the link. Download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/g7jfr4robtrfwnk/Knife rig.zip?dl=0
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    Ask the Artist

    I've never done one of these before so here we go
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    And this is before editing
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    Hi folks. I come back again for posting my work my job is making some wallpaper to trade 5$ with Customer. (uhh ok) And this is before editing I hope you will like it
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    The Scouting Legion engage the Armored Titan in combat, Its a threat to all mankind and has to be stopped! Credit to @Tempus for the edit.
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    Real conversations I have (feat. my brother)
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    art 2

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    WIP Doctor Who TARDIS

    So this is my uhhhh TARDIS Interior that I'm currently working on. Go easy on me pls I am still learning.
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    The Wither Wallpaper

    One of my first wallpapers. I'd love tips to improve and I'm up for criticism like my lighting, which is terrible, posing, camera position, stuff like that would help a lot!
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    I had an idea that when importing a schematic, you could check a box that said 'subsections' or something, with a number by it (that you could change). What would happen is that if you know it will be massive, it will automatically cut the schematic into 9 parts, if the number was 3 for example: It would then split the schematic into 9 parts and import them separately, so that a massive piece of scenery could be easily imported. Then the user could just line up the divides and folder it. I personally would use this a ton, and with MI be developed, I though I should throw this in. I'm not a programmer, so I don't know how hard this would be, but please consider it.
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    Eyepatch Sunset

    Introducing a new unnamed character. Has an eyepatch, uses guns, and pretty much like any edgy. Idk if i went a little too edgy on this, but if i really did, then screw me
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    Modelbench Q&A

    That hasn't been tested yet, but as with anything that large and detailed, it would lag depending on the computers of the users. That feature isn't current planned as the current focus for Modelbench is to create and edit .mimodel files, and not other files. No, you can edit which way the bending goes, where the bending point is, which direction(s) it can go in, and which section of a part will bend.
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    hey boys and girls, y'ever forget to remove torches while importing a schematic, causing you to have to go over the finished wallpaper in Photoshop and remove every torch by hand with the stamp tool? Because I have. anyways, here's a little tilt shift wallpaper I made while pondering about how much better things would be if we had Bokeh dof.
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    Feedbacks and suggestions are appreciated! NOTE: EYESTRAIN & FLASHING LIGHTS WARNING
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    Here is Preview of this Rig by my friend Jesse and Lukas Oliva and Axel Petra Jesse (Only himself) Lightroom and Rig by MCMineTube Download Link (Cinema 4D Only): Minecraft: Story Mode Season Two rig pack v1 [DL]
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    My first post!

    Ok this is my first post. heres the image Thanks for veiwing this post
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    Island | Realistic Wallpaper

    Oh, haven't done one of these in a while . Uh yeah, this one took a while. Edited it in After Effects. Use this however you like, just don't claim it as your own, thanks! ;3
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    The Apocalypse

    I did this for a wallpaper challenge on discord. I love how it turned out overall. Edited: Unedited: Hope you enjoy!
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    Ask the Artist

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    Dancing Clipy

    Short thing I did for @CaptainClipy. It's not really much, I know
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    Imperial puer

    Photoshop practice

    Before edit
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    it was not so difficult; just the "female part" that everyone liked in 2b...(yes, I really did make a butt for 2b, but of course I will not show.) you can Look here, but please, do not get so easily offended by my way of doing rigs. and also, I very much looking forward to adapt them to the modelbench, let's see if I get a similar result.
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    Wallpaper about Overwatch is coming soon! >:3
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    Yes, I'm alive. (why am i even pretending like im popular? kms.)
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    Police Cars

    How do you like it. Another my ring police cars. Download https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B2qhjvpUrzQSbE8wN29JXzV6RUk/view?usp=sharing
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