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    Facial Rig : Skibbz Texture Pack : ChormaHills Map by : http://www.planetminecraft.com/project/terados--download-/
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    Tag Team [Wallpaper]

    Just a fun little wallpaper I wanted to make with a new character I made during my live stream today You can check out the archived live stream here If you're curious, the new character on the left is named Claire. You can download the rig here (Requires MI: CB) Programs used: Mine-Imator: Community Build Adobe Photoshop CC 2015 Adobe After Effects CS6 Un-edited [4k]
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    Critical Condition (Wallpaper)

    W̶̨͇̥̓i̸̤̖̤̋͌͘l̶͖͚̇̉͠l̵̨͖̊ ̸̧̟̋̋a̶̟̹͐̒ṋ̶̛ỵ̸̟͌̈ȍ̴̟̯̫̔̈n̶̛̲̗͙͑e̷͈̋͝ ̸̡͓̂́̈f̷̘̀̑͠ȉ̴̛̦̟̓n̴͖͍̅͜d̶̗̒ ̵̘̪̇m̶͚̭͔̓ẹ̶͓̭̓͠.̶̠̫̖̑.̸̜̿̕.̸̫̀̀̏?̷̤̼͠ ̶̬́̔_̶̟̉ Thank you @Zeno for showing me where to host the image. This wallpaper took forever to make but it might be missing something... what do you guys think?
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    I'm out of ideas now. Ender Dragon Rig : @ky_09095
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    Trains, Planes, and Automobiles

    Skin Used Rigs Used Thanks everyone for 10k. I must really have nothing better to do with life,I mean I got 10k rep on a minecraft animation forum. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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    Lighting test | 4k

    This took like an hour or so to make, probably why it looks so bad :l. I decided to edit this one because meh. Mostly just a lighting test more than a wallpaper, Made with: MI:CB and After Effects CC 2017 Edited: Unedited: As always, use this however you like, just don't claim it as your own, thanks :3
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    Abandoned base | Map | Community build

    Screenshots: Download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/nyecxqfepr9q93w/Map.zip?dl=0 You don't have to credit me when you use it.
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    4K Cinematic • Ultra-Realistic Scenery

    Hey guys! Check out my hyper-realistic landscape! It's so detailed it looks even more realistic than reality itself! All thanks to high-resolution textures of outstanding quality. 👌🔥 All in glorious cinematic 4K, of course!!! I bet you have never seen such a realistic looking wallpaper! 💯💯💯 EDITED VERSION NON-EDITED VERSION THAT SUCKS CUZ IT'S NOT EDITED Enjoy my dudes! Stay realistic y'all 😤
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    The Last Day | 4K Wallpaper

    It's The Last Day on Earth. The Planet is uninhabitable, one settlement now remains with the last few people on Earth, these are the unlucky ones who didn't get the chance to escape to another planet, so they live here until their resources finally run out.... Made With Mine-Imator: Community Build. Took around 3/4 hours to make. Use this wherever and however you like, just don't claim it as your own, thanks! ;3 ====================================================================================================== Previous Wallpaper:
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    More random drawings

    boo. I'm back with moar of my drawings. :3 Kanna. Drawn on a phone. The temperature here in my country right now. Is the complete. Opposite. of this picture. A little pixel art I made. Guess what this is for. thicc. Yesterday, I dug up some of my old drawings from last year and found this... very badly drawn picture of a catgirl thingy, which makes me very upset after seeing it. So I redraw the same picture again with my current style. This is the result, and I'm quite happy with it... At lease for now. And also yesterday, I can't sleep so I pick up my phone and starts drawing things. I don't normally color my stuff or draw a background(if not at all), so this one took me quite a lot longer. --- Hope you like them.
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    "Dark Snake"

    Actually, i Might be use children replace that cow and pig in the picture but l'm too lazy to make another child rig. Rig Dark Snake made by : Wave SkyAce
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    Husky Gurl

    Trickshot [Random Wallpaper]

    Eh I waz boerd. Skin and idea by @Pharien k,bye.
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    "The Little Cow"

    I'm bored then i make some picture. This amazing map was made by : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v_rXiHbynkE
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    Server Rig

    Hello, Forums! I made my first rig; It's a server Rig! (as the title reads) It has a elements like a glass door, a keyboard, a monitor and a few machines. In the spoiler below is a small weird rig presentation video: /Thanks to @Zal-nimations for the keyboard rig used in the server!/ Download the rig here: Download (Made in Mine-imator v1.0.6)
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    "Alone in the Forest"

    l'm tried to do something new for me....again! But it's still fail. (Maybe i should turn color sky to back.) Texture Pack : ChromaHill
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    tried to do night wallpaper

    I tried to do something new for me,Also l'm suck at edited fire in Photoshop or After effect but i thing it will be better next time. Credit Bag Rig : @Batman4014
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    "Live in the cave"

    Actually, i record speed art of this picture but my speed art files has error, l'm tried to fix it but it didn't work.
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    City (Cinematic Wallpaper) - 4k

    I've made another wallpaper, about a city. Each schematic had ~4.3 million blocks, and there are 24 schematics. That's ~ 103.2 MILLION blocks. And I could still render it. (A lot isn't in camera view) ) Hooray! Well, here's the wallpaper: Made with MI and Ae.
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    Husky Gurl

    Bad Luck [Wallpapers]

    Eh, random stuff... Imgur ruined few pics again, so few of them are darker than they really are However, feel free to use it, just don't claim it as yours. I made them in Mine-Imator and Paint.NET My previous wallpaper
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    I've been playing a lot of Bloodborne lately and I'm absolutely in love with the style of the game. Other than that, here's a drawing I did of one of the bosses for Bloodborne. Enjoy! Don't worry about the update part at the end, that's for my subscribers. That's pretty much it, thanks for viewing!
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    Maid rig by hyun

    Download https://www.dropbox.com/s/8tfjaltj3aa0byi/Maid.zip?dl=0
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    WannaCry Virus Spread and Prevention.

    I'm sure many of you are aware of the Ransomware virus going around called "WannaCry". For those that don't know, it's a virus spreading around the globe at this current time. Once your computer contracts the virus a majority of your files gets encrypted, and a popup comes up claiming you have pay a certain amount of funds to get your files decrypted and useable again. It was estimated 3600 computers were hit with this virus every hour, infected over 150 countries and has infected more than 200,000 computers already. (Increasing slowly as we speak since people are now updating and protecting themselves) Although the virus was stopped, new versions and methods are starting to spread up again. Windows 10 is protected against this attack. (Provided you've updated in the last couple months) However, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, 7, 8 and 8.1 are not. To protect against this attack, and stop the chance of your computer getting infected and losing your files forever, you'll need to download and install the new released Windows patch for those systems.(I know, who updates windows these days? Noone, thats why the virus was so effective.) For most systems and versions, you simply go to Control Panel > Security > Windows Updates and look for the most recent patch. If this isnt available for you, google is an amazing tool, search how to install it. If you cannot find a patch after googling and checking your updates list, click here and download your correct version. Note: If you are running auto-updates you most likely already have the fix installed by now. FAQ: "Why do we care? The chance of us being hit is low isnt it?" No, infact according to IPBoard statistics, a majority of users on the forums are in countries that have been hit and spread the most. So I'm being nice and informing everyone, as you once you get the virus, kiss your files good bye. I've already seen 2-3 status updates with members saying some of their family and people they know have been hit with it. "What do we do if we are hit with it?" Install Antivirus software immediately or run your current one you have on your system, although it won't save your files, it'll stop the virus from encrypting any more files on your pc and remove the annoying popup. Unfortunately to my knowledge, unless you have a backup, any files that were encrypted in that time are forever lost.(Which is why you should patch now.) "If we pay the ransom do we get our files back?" No, it's a virus, intended to steal money and its impossible for the devs to track your computer down after payment, so no. Do not pay the money, as you will not gain any decryption key as promised. This post is probably useless to many of you who have heard of this before and already protected themselves, this post is intended for those who are not. As I said before, the original Wannacry virus was halted, however new versions and methods have released work arounds, so the virus is still spreading, although slowly, it still is, hence me writing this post. PM or Google any questions if need be, or if I got anything wrong.
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    So I designed a junkyard robot or something and I thought the outcome was pretty alright. This final outcome wasn't exactly what I was going for. I'm learning a bit of digital painting from a video tutorial that I bought the other day and well I'm stuck with having lines in my art until I can find an easy way to remove the lines because it looks like this with the lines removed. I pretty much just wanted to share my first artwork with the public using this new method. Off topic: I just now saw that you can only like/dislike so much a day now, that sucks.
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    Lunch Time

    Just a filler.
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    Neomorph Rig by Arczision

    Hello guys this is Arczision and today I'll be presenting you guys my Neomorph Rig from Alien:Covenant so yeah here are the pics Pictures DOWNLOAD Previous Topics
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    Fidget Spinner Rig [V1: 5.12.17]

    Look at my fidget spinner!
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    Portal Rig Pack (CB 1.0.2)

    hey so I made these months ago and acted like I would actually do something with them... hah PICTURES GIFS DOWNLOAD LINK http://www.mediafire.com/file/4bf43zyebni1db4/PortalRigs.zip anyways yeah I know the turret's lasers are wrong, but I don't care enough to fix it, so.
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    Yep... I "sometimes" give up on things.
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    Web Comic Page 3

    Pg. 3 R.I.P. Last ---> Next
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    Mine-Imator Signature Art

    (940x420) (640x286) Actual Size (Alt Version) If you don't have a clan, group or a team, you can use this (If you want) on your Signature Made on PSCC (Adobe Photoshop CC), Magic Bullet Looks, Mine-Imator CB Free to use, You don't need to credit me. But do not claim as your own.
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    This is my Movie Accurate Bumblebee Rig ,and it Actually Transforms! The model does have hands, with fully rigged fingers, but my stupid mine-imator decided to crash right before i got a screenshot, so ill have to do that in a week or two The rig can be a pain in the butt to use, and I'm not planning on releasing this anytime soon, but if you guys want it enough, maybe you can change my mind? You may NOT use this without my permission.
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    Web Comic Page Five

    Pg. 5 Is This How It Ends? Last ---> Next The name is finally revealed! It's not great, I know, but it's important to the story... at least somewhat
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    So few days ago Maple challenged me to do a wallpaper contest, he thought he could beat me. So uh, I agreed. But meanwhile we were talking about the contest (in the discord server), this guy Tarsker wanted to join. So we did a contest thingy and the theme was "Your OC vs Another Contestant OC". Anyways, this topic isn't any showcasing, we just wanted someone to vote for who did it better. Here are the wallpapers. @tarsker @BrackishMaple21 And mine Just vote and leave. k thnx bye.
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    Multiverse Theory

    Skins Used
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    Outdoor Assets : @SKIBBZ Rig Character : @Si.
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    Don't ask questions just watch :3
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    AK47 Paladin Rig for Mine Imator

    DOWNLOAD HERE V V V https://www.mediafire.com/view/8j78pri8to63007/AK47 Paladin.rar Preview link https://plus.google.com/+CreativeDMF/posts/gAzDuFaSTnn
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    Jukebox Rig by Niety

    Hey there. Besides my inactivity on the forums, I've decided to make a rig to bring myself alive. if that works. Pictures: Includes: +3 colorable notes. +Extrusion. +An inside to insert the disc. +A black part for the disc insert thingy Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/5f0d4p40kn54wdf/Jukebox_Rig_by_Niety.zip I'm probably going to make a second version with circular discs, a record player, and different notes.
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    Ehy...I made this for fun and....Fun i guess Hhaha Skins that I used Because im too lazy to search some highschool skins: @TardicMC @EthanForeverAlone @NietyFox @Dr. Cuto @Dannyboi @Pigeon_ @Spectral @Quickstreak @Husky Gurl
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    Bridge Attack! [Wallpaper]

    Haven't used Mine Imator for 1-2 months, so i decided to make a wallpaper. Credits : @SharkleSparkle - AK47 Rig What can i improve?
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    Tag Team [Wallpaper]

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    4K cinematic] Island

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    That Russian Dance Thing

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    Hi, its been a while. So, I made this while I was watching Betsy Lee's No Evil. Watch it, its amazing But Yea, here ya go.
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    World War II Plane - Inspired by F2A Buffalo

    If Image doesn't load - Download in the bottom of topic Final Notes: Let me know what bugs or things that should be patched or added below If the plane window is glitching (alpha glitch, happens on loading project) Simply delete it, and then press undo (Ctrl + Z) to fix it. Download
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    Web Comic Page Four

    Pg. 4 "Woops" Last ---> Next
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    Husky Gurl

    Personal 2d intro

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    did I ever mention that I think it's stupid to have 4k wallpapers be a thing? much less announce it in your title. I highly doubt more then 3 active people on this forum have 4k monitors. for people with slow internet, it's hell to load. just have a 1080p version as the main presentation, then have your 4k humdrum in spoilers! anyways heres this lipsync I did of the nichijou opening. big thanks to @CatOnCaffeine for the vintage Internet phenomena
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    Thanks to @willingsas for his Paul Blart skin.