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    Greetings animators! Five years ago on this day I unveiled the first Beta version of Mine-imator to the public, hyped up by the popularity of @Frossa's semi-viral TF2 "Meet the Team" remakes in Minecraft. Despite the program being crude and severely lacking in features and graphical effects, pumped fans jumped head first into it and started making content, and the creation of these forums shortly followed to allow everyone to share their work. I would have never imagined that five years later, people of all ages would still be using Mine-imator to make awesome animations and art. In fact, judging from the number of daily downloads, Mine-imator is more popular than ever, and has started to be used professionally to make graphic novels and to teach animation in tech camps in the US, which of course wouldn't be possible without your continued support! Now I must admit that, while functional, the program has failed to keep up with the never ending stream of new Minecraft content, and there are still serious issues halting the creative process for some users, occasionally leading to projects getting corrupted and hours of work being forever lost, which sucks. Hard. Therefore, I have decided to take some time off from other projects to deal with these problems before passing over the development torch to someone else. However, since I now also have a full-time job alongside personal projects, progress will take longer than usual, so bear with me! I'm now announcing that after a 1½ year long wait, a new Mine-imator update is in the works that will be publicly released within the next month or so, first as a pre-release before fully replacing the now outdated version. I can say right now that it will not contain any crazy new rendering effects or animation features, but rather focus on stability and keeping the program up-to-date with all previous and future Minecraft versions, which are the two current main issues with the program. "But, wait...", I hear you think (yes, mind reading is a neat little perk of being a developer), "...future Minecraft versions? How will that work?". Just read on... To start off, the update will bring some fundamental changes behind the scenes regarding how character models, blocks, items and schematics are loaded into the program. Without going in too far into the technical details, a big flaw of the current Mine-imator is that everything is stored inside the program executable (hard-coded), which makes it a significant effort trying to keep it up-to-date with all the new mobs and blocks being added into Minecraft at an ever increasing pace. However, in the next update, all the assets will be located in an external archive, along with a specification file that defines what it contains and how it's used. Along with this, the file handling will be given a make-over, to address some of the crashes and corrupted files people have been having. The program's engine will also utilize a newer DirectX version that could increase the rendering performance for some users. Among other goodies, this is what you can expect in the update: More stable project/rig loading Blocks and characters being loaded from external JSON files (that may be customized if desired) System for auto-downloading new Minecraft models and textures Some minor graphics-related features New settings for character models and block variations I have been collaborating with @Nimi, the current undefeated champion of Mine-imator modding, and he has decided to discontinue his "Community Edition" mod in favor of me letting him take over the development of future Mine-imator versions. As an extra bonus, Nimi has been working on a long-requested feature to go along with this update. Exciting, right!? More will be revealed soon... So basically, a pre-release of a shiny new Mine-imator update will be available for download on the forums within the coming month. I'd appreciate if you could try it out with your new and old projects (just be sure to save some backups if you value them!) so I can iron out the biggest bugs before making it official! Until then, keep calm and animate on!
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    The Good Ol' Days [Wallpaper]

    So I haven't touched Mine-Imator in a long time... Anyways, I was thinking last night about all the good times I've had with my friends that I've known for years and that made me want to make a wallpaper with my boys. I figured I'd make a topic for the heck of it. Feel free to jot down your thoughts about it or whatever, I just felt like sharing this as the last wallpaper I'll probably be making with Mine-imator. That's about it, thanks for viewing! Edited with Adobe Photoshop CC 2015 From left to right: @vash0110 @Cryotivity @SKIBBZ @Fosni @Upgraded Moon @The Tan James Edit: Others that I didn't add cuz I didn't have their rig(s) or feel like it - @ÜberKiller @JemFire101 @Varen @RedcapCreations @Ironwave Studios Un-edited (4k)
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    Hi folks I'm Ponlawat or PlGMCDesign. maybe you can't remember me I ever make an wallpaper and some animations. With m-i and Photoshop. ok I'm Dis(able)appear From here to long time because I'm lazy and i have school work and Home work too lot to do Who come from Mine-imator University, Minecraft Animator Universe Thailand and Social Media Designer [TH] Group... you can see all my pictues in there... So... Today I'm comeback (Maybe ?) And This is all my wallpapers Thanks for watching #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7 #8 #9 #10 //My latest You want to fallow me? //Nah Ok nevermind... You can fallow me in Facebook and Youtube <--- "Click The text" I hope you Have a good day
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    Wow, I haven't made a realistic wallpaper in a while, so I wanted to try it out again. I'm a bit rusty but I like how this came out. Made in mine-imator with no external editing. Use this anywhere, just don't claim it as yours. Thanks :3
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    Hope you guys like it! Special Thank! : @JosSamLoh
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    Leshens [Wallpaper]

    haha yes, a wallpaper. i had no other good names for this so don't kill me Unedited: overedited.png: leshen rig by @Winfell wooden sword by me which I might release sometime soon
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    So… what is this, exactly? Well, this is my last Mine-Imator animation. Ever. If any of you haven’t heard before, I’m completely quitting. This animation has been on the shelf for a very long time, and I decided once and for all that it just won’t ever be finished. Having said that, I want to make it known just how much this was planned to be. This was pretty much my Mine-imator "magnum opus"; my longest, best animation yet. It was planned to be 10 minutes long, and this version lacks the polish I would have liked. But even now, I can’t be bothered to deal with recording voice lines or editing in sound effects. I hope that the rigging and animation quality makes it interesting to watch in itself. This took a very, very long time. Some of the plans go back to July 2016, and even more was planned than just this video. An entire series, but none of that came to fruition. I've also included the script I wrote for this animation, just in case any of you wanted to see a little bit of behind the scenes. Additionally, captions are on the video if you want to know what the voice acting was originally supposed to be. It's a shame I can't give you any more than this. I really didn't write any more than I animated so I don't even have an extended script to give you. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Please turn on Closed Captions. Credits @KindZax - Ground clutter, house design, and furniture rigging @Heavenira - His skin, help with ideas; was going to voice-act Me - Animation, rigging, scenery, basically everything else. The Script: Here
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    Leshen Rig

    L E S H E N download:
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    So Justin / AcidicBlitzz requested me to make an animation for him! This is the animation and please tell me how to improve so I can get better!!
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    Watched some videos about mapping in source, which then motivated me to do something in Mine-imator again. Took me one hour to make this and I really like the result :3 Made only in Mine-imator community build with no external editing. 4K Cinematic Image Use this however you like, just don't claim it as yours, thanks! :3
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    "Feel Warm"

    I hope you guys like it! Oh! and for yesterday, I saw a NietyFox wallpaper and I don't know why, but It inspiration me to make this wallpaper so thank you, NirtyFox! (for inspiration me ) Credit : Parrot Rig : @NietyFox Leshen Rig : @Winfell Time lapse [coming soon]
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    Decay | Realistic 4K Wallpaper

    Hey guys, another wallpaper from me ;3. I was thinking about what I could do for my next wallpaper while walking around school and one of the hallways inspired me, so here you go! Edited in After Effects. Use this however you like, just don't claim it as your own, thanks! ;3
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    3D Armor and 3D Bow made by : @AnxiousCynic
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    I Hope you guys like it! Credit : Armor rig made by @AnxiousCynic Time lapse :
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    Blue Dragon Rig Info : *Using Items Sheet for Model *This Rig Pretty Detail *Bending Model Download Here
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    F.N.A.F map of sister location

    I spent some time on this map, digging the scoop may not be very accurate, forgive me. The map is hidden in addition to the building all the hidden, you can all open. (Because when I use fps too low) Thanks to Mr.Dark's model. @Mr. Darl Download here Precautions: The proportion of the building and the characters may not be right. Inside the character's head and character model can be replaced for their own skin. Inside the safe channel is my own to add, it is connected to all the corridors and auditorium, just to not let the security of people to drill duct, of course, you can put this channel to seal up. Inside the button can be pressed, and did not lock up. In the Funtime auditorium I added a Funtime to F-r-e-d-d-y's stage, but I did not know if there was a stage in the original. Control module inside the mask is actually there, but that time did not do it.
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    Worn-out Wooden Sword rig

    Here's the wooden sword rig that I created and used in my "Leshens" wallpaper yesterday. Previews: features: +extrusion on the wood +some grass thing to keep it together and stuff +rotation for hilt, blade, and guard Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/9dosbdujv9e4lqb/WoodSword.zip
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    I recently went to a pub and, as always, it gave me the idea to make this x3. Edited in After Effects. Use this however you like, just don't claim it as yours, thanks! ;3
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    Pigeon Rig

    birbo rig, one of a kind. +a pigeon +animatable +is a birbo http://www.mediafire.com/file/lthyjn6xe664soy/Pigeon_rig.zip
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    Pillar Model & Tree Model

    So yeah this is my best model structures i think. i make this on school and yeah here some 3d pillar. I got this example pillar from my drawing work, and here it's looks like when my pillar become 3d model ( And adding some detail to make it more lil bit cool) And here some walnut tree and some detail i add So yeah hope you guys like it
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    WARNING RIG FOR COMMUNITY BUILD 1.0.3 THIS RIG IS NOT SCALE FRIENDLY: It cannot be re-scaled, Sorry. This is the First of Many planned Rick and Morty Rigs of mine. This one includes Rick Sanchez and His Portal Gun. Here are some images. Happy Rick Rick with and Without Coat. Rick with his Portal Gun To Download, Click Here Enjoy the rig and WUBBA LUBBA DUB DUB!! Credit to @RandomJeremy for the inspiration
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    1st Post

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    "Cube Guy//Your idea Collab 2"

    This Animation is a part of "Your idea collab 2" (If anyone doubt "what is this collab?", it's a collab in my facebook group Host by @ponlawatgaming) And the full version of this collab I think it'll be coming soon.
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    I haven't posted a rig or a wallpaper in a while, so here's the shotgun from Team Fortress 2. Also, I might get back to posting 'regularly', but I ain't got any plans rn. PIIIIIIICTURRRRRRE: Moar pics: Give Credit If You Use It In Your Rigs. Otherwise I Don't Really Care. Oh hey, a download: https://www.mediafire.com/file/e31yg0rys2y4ghp/Tf2 Shotgun.zip Finally get to use a Pyro in one of my rigs. (Pyro not included) ~ ShonkleSponkle
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    Some experimental animation test for practicing animating and to prepare animating our short movie "2042". Feedbacks and suggestions are appreciated!
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    Simple Office Chair Rig

    so... i want to do something that i haven't done in a while and that is,modeling so... first off 1.im bad at modeling stuff 2.that it... anyway here the picture (or image) Feature: Colorable Can be spin (better don't make yourself dizzy ) simple that it (or is it?) Download here CLICK ME!! :3 that it bye :3
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    Customizable - Furry/Anthro Rig [WOLF] Some of you will have nightmares once seeing this picture below: ******************************************************* Features: * User-friendly color interaction * Less lag! [maybe] * Much cleaner than my previous anthro rig * Much organized than my previous anthro rig * SKIBBZ' SFR Facial Rig modded! * Presets! [SOON] ******************************************************* ******************************************************* QnA: * Where can I find customizable placements? - Anywhere at the parts! I recommended using "[ColorMe]" tab and color it there! * Color placements/Parts are jittering/glitching! - Try moving it's position until the problem is fixed, if it still not yet fixed please report it to me * Rig has glitches! - Please report it to me and I'll fix it on the next version of the rig * I'm using this for my animations/wallpapers/etc and post it on my YT/Social Media - Please credit me as soon as it is published! For profitable uses, as it states to fair use. You can use it unless it has a credit that is viewable to audiences that needed the rig ******************************************************* DOWNLOAD LINKS:
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    so... i sees a lot of jossamloh realism wallpaper thing and im interested on it,and then in my mind i was like "hmm.... let try making some realism wallpaper,could be hard" so... yeah,this is my second attempt oh making a realism wallpaper first attempt: Here my second attempt (this is the wallpaper on what the title said (if you know what i mean)): Feedback would be very very very appreacite Simple bye :3
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    Hello! My name is VZmatthews (my screen name, actually) and I honestly just created an account some minutes ago to express how delighted I am of Mine- Imator! =) I literally just downloaded Mine-Imator this morning, and I have already created a 20 second animation that I think is already halfway decent. I'm just really happy of how easy it is to make an animation in this program. I think as far as 3D animation programs go, this is probably one of the easiest, but at the same time, it is also capable of producing some very professional-like animations. I'm still obviously learning how to use Mine-Imator better, but so far, its been a fun time. I was really impressed by how quick it was to import worlds/schematics from Minecraft into Mine-Imator itself. I thought it was gonna be quite a long process, but in almost no time at all, I managed to get the house I built on my demo of Minecraft into the program. Just like how impressed I am of how user-friendly the program is, I am also impressed by how it is actually only quite a small program (the archive was around 15 MB) and how even my 2GB RAM laptop could handle it. The minimum recommended RAM for Mine-Imator is 4 GB, But unlike other heavy programs I use, Mine-Imator actually felt very quick and optimized for my laptop. In general, I'm just really happy of how my first experience of Mine-Imator went. Really excited to continue using this program. Thanks to the developers, and have a nice day everyone. =) (I wanted to put this out quickly, so I'm sorry if this was the wrong place to post this. Peace!)
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    Portal 2 Elevator Rig

    Hey! I made a Portal 2 Elevator Rig: //Pictures //Instructions //Troubleshooting //Other Information Download here! //If you have any problems or suggestions, feel free to reply or PM me. That's it for now, bye! ~Square789
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    The Heist [Minecraft Animation]

    As always, let me know what you think!
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    Happy Birthday to MINE-IMATOR

    Before beautification(Photoshop ) Original I was very excited when I learned that MINE-IMATOR was five years old!So I made this picture. I hope you can give me some advice XD. MINE-IMATOR is going to be updated, and that's a surprise for me
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    Imperial puer

    AM4C[Assault rifle rig]

    Yeah... i designed that rifle rig based on M4
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    I'm making a lot of these... So yeah, I was motivated so I just made this. Probably my best so far (no external editing) 4k Cinematic Image Use this however you like, just don't claim it as yours, thanks ;3
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    Pls Give Me Feedback

    I made this for a game jam from a local convention (*which I'm on a rush since my deadline is next month*). Please give me honest feedback/criticism especially for the mastering/mixing. Thanks
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    Garden |4k Vibrant render|

    Edited Non-Edited
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    Home (2k)

    hellu,It been a long time isn't it so i just made another render at my holiday so here: Credit: @AnxiousCynic for the armor rig Feedback would be very appreciated that it for now BYE
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    Mini Outdoor Pool

    I was just bored, So here's a simplistic pool! Download Link: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B6UNUXeNCFffQVFZOEpxcHhGeVE Credits: Water texture from: Texture pack Halcyon Days: http://www.minecraftforum.net/forums/mapping-and-modding/resource-packs/1245215-32x-halcyon-days-resource-pack-1-1-1-7-x-support
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    Best Friends

    Wanted to make this one for a friend of mine. Aaannnd for the sake of rendering something. (She also helped render) (thx Jenny) 4k Image
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    The Wolf | Animation

    Just wanted to animate some fad for fun, I'm most likely not gonna do any more. Edited in After Effects
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    ''End of The Line''

    This thing idea came to my mind while i was doing chores so..Yeah.. Skins Used: @EthanForeverAlone @MachineGunInc @Husky Gurl @Simon G. Andersen @NietyFox @Pigeon_ Rigs Used Car Rig @Mike M4A1 (Upgraded or Updated?) @Private Cole Man Welp Hope you like it.
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    Hide and seek with Hydra

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    I drew this rat

    I drew this rat