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    "Dragon Slayer"

    Hope you like it! Rig Ender dragon and Rig Knight made by @ky_09095 Map : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=958ZHrMiMuQ Texture Pack : Chroma Hill
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    My Real Life House

    My 107th project! Software i did use: - Mine-Imator 1.0.6 - Photoshop CS6 Please comment if you're wanna give me some tips, please! Thanks!
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    Hello, everybody! This is our first Minecraft animation video, a re-enactment of one of the scenes in the Chicago P.D. TV series. It took me and my siblings roughly 2 days to finish. Just for fun. Hope you enjoy it! Thank you. CREDITS : Animation: WillowWise Rigs: WillowWise Lighting: Yaddy, WillowWise Background: Yaddy
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    OC V6

    I suppose it suffices as art/wallpapers, since I use it as my desktop background now. It keeps the brightness way up, and the borders fade a bit with a vignette, ofcourse.
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    Quitting animating, bye!

    Hi... For quite some time, I've been considering quitting animation and today I've decided to show you guys my decision. Yes, I quit. Why? Animating is not for me. I've recently found another hobby, game programming and development which seems to be less tedious, frustrating and has a better payoff as I see myself with little chances of a great future within the path of 3D animation specificly. And I mean specificly because game development also includes some it, so I cannot consider my time here learning the ins and outs of animating as a waste of time. So why is this topic in Narrative animations you may ask? Well, I've decided to show you guys how much progress I was in my current project. Technically, it's not fully finished but yet it still follows a script of events with characters in it. May it be small or not. I don't know if I will ever get back, but for the time I'll be on the steep learning curve of developing games with Unity. Plus, these forums have been feeling a little... dead? Maybe? So I don't know, I may stick around every now and then. Goodbye for now I guess, the path I'm taking will also get me out of the whole "Minecraft" thing which means I'm now able to make my own world, my own characters and my own story with no limits at the same time of doing something I like. I will always hate the disgusting and toxic side of this community, but I will also love the other side and appreciate it more overall. I don't know what will happen to me in regards to being here, lol, but you might care about my content or you may not. You can find some of my coolest creations in the about me page in my profile. ...And speaking of content! Some of the rigs in the animation are made by @BloxTheRigger and @SharkleSparkle.
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    It's been awhile since I last made a wallpaper.
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    R.I.P. Page Seven

    Pg. 7 'Welcome Back' Last ---> Next Sorry for the wait! Finally introducing some more of the characters. Any predictions for whats to come? also sorry i'm not all that great at backgrounds (If you couldn't already tell)
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    Ender Pearl

    Oh yay!! Finally!! I can finish this animation. Dx (I have to wait 7 hours for render this animation...darn you, point lights!!) And I hope you enjoy my second narrative animation!
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    Adventurers Respite [4k]

    Don't all heroes deserve a little R&R? I was inspired by the amazing homestead mods in the game Elder scrolls: Skyrim to make this Hall where heroes and their followers can relax, away from combat and adventure at least for a while! Also now available for download! - [ Hall Detail Highlights ]
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    Makishima Jungle [4k]

    I should probably start to create an animation... Emunator's Realistic Water Rig ÜberKiller's Skybox Rig
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    Hello everybody !!! So, I'm from GVMluccaMovies Channel. Today I wanna show all of you my Trailer of SKYFALL - THE ENCOUNTER, a Minecraft Animation !!! Actually, this is a remastered version of my old SKYFALL Minecraft Animation which was published a year ago. But well, hope you guys enjoy this trailer, and the movie will be on air soon !!!
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    Duffle Bag

    https://www.dropbox.com/s/99k691zb3u68y4c/Duffle Bag.zip?dl=0
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    Prototype Supah

    I'm proud of this one
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    Children's 3D Bunk bed

    Children's 3D Bunk bed! Hello everyone I made a quick Bed rig for a child! I was lazy :/ Of course you can resize the bed if you want to fit a normal steve! Here are the pictures: Information: -3D Movable pillow -Bendable sheets (Glichy) -Extendable ladder Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/aclx6ajsdauccqp/BedRig_By_Zovo.zip
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    Megumin Drawing

    The top genius of the Crimson Magic Clan, and also owner of the cutest wizard hat I've ever seen, here's Megumin very proud of it, didn't use many references, the outline was completely necessary. If I'm gonna shade it completely, I'll make a status update
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    - Wanderer in the Evergreen Woods -

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    Weasel || Opening Finshed! CINEMA 4D

    So only some of you guys know that I make a recruitment page for people who want to work with me and create this series but I quickly realized that I was asking for c4d workers when Im in the MI forums so of course im not gonna get results. So I made a YouTube video instead and I got a team and progress is being MADE I already finished the opening for the series already ENJOY
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    Modern House

    < < Modern House > > By: RealProGamer125 Sorry if i don't make the Zombie Apocalypse wallpaper just cuz it's hard to make detailed buildings, background. Sorry. Whatever, enjoy! Thanks!
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    @Pigeon_ For the skin in the backround. I didnt want to disapoint you, @Caeden117 Also @Mike's car rig.
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    Twisted bonny (fad)

    Hi, well this is my new fad rig, at first I was gonna release all four twisted animatronics but making one of these is a nightmare, and I probably won't make all of them anyways so I just gonna release the first one now(I probably make another one in September) Download - U -
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    Fighting Scene

    this is not how i prepare my animations this is just a test okay? Pistol from : CodyBI
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    Karlomianbot's Gun Rig Pack

    hello here is my gun rig pack which contains: Terms of use: You can use this without giving credit BUT Don't claim my rig as yours Have fun Oh... i yes the Download
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    created with MI Community Edition
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    [2K] Morning Exercise

    I managed to make this one without photoshop AT ALL.
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    Judgement Hall Rig V.2

    Well...It's been a while,hasn't it?I've improved alot,well.. I Present You,The Judgment Hall V.2! I Know Undertale's Been Dead,But I Would Rather Give This Old Rig,Hope Ya'll Enjoy It! Download: https://www.mediafire.com/?qok720c1qgtwdwe Oh,And Don't Forget To Credit Me For It! Image:
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    Farland (Car Crash)

    Short thing I made before I went to bed. Used @Mike's car rig and some of Pepper's sound effects
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    Realistic Walk & Run [Almost Frame Perfect]

    Previews: Alright, I understand. There are already a ton of walk and run presets out there. But I made this because I wanted to share with the community the best that I could provide. The demand is really high for this stuff. Just look at my old one: But this old one that you all downloaded isn't the best that I could provide. I'm not proud of it at all. So I gave you guys the best that I could give. Download My technique is using Scale for squash and stretch and fake Inverse Kinematics. I used reference photos to get me started but these were mainly done blindly. They're done almost frame by frame. Also if you're wondering why the walk looks a little floaty and it kinda looks like Steve is kicking the air, it's because Steve is staying in place. When he's in motion he actually looks like he's walking. I understand these don't really look the best but it's because I had to sacrifice a lot to make it look like they're realistically moving. Humans actually do a lot more linear movements than you might think.
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    Modern House 2 ( Other room )

    Other room from the modern house: Thanks. ~ I uploaded it from my Smartphone, so i can't even change text colors etc :v
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    A story of how the United State's national anthem came to be, in Minecraft! Made using Mine-imator and VSDC Video Editor Original: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YaxGNQE5ZLA
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    Hello everybody !! It's me, GVMluccaMovies !!!! Today I wanna show all of you my newest Animation: SKYFALL - THE ENCOUNTER Actually, this is a remastered version of my old SKYFALL Minecraft Animation which was published a year ago. But well, hope you guys enjoy it !! Story: The earth is under attack, a giant alien vessel has crash landed in the ocean, it's up to a team of four ground correspondents to protect the planet from imminent doom The voice is suckkk... I know...
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    Random scene#01

    Hope ya like it! Bag Rig : @Batman4014
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    In Search For A Stronghold

    Based off a Reddit post.
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    Finn And Jake Adventure Time Rig

    Hello! Here's My Adventure Time Rig For Mine Imator You Can Download It In Here: https://www.mediafire.com/?e2zqg5bqf15s2pf Hope You Like It
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    Five Nigths At Freedy's™ 1 - Map

    Map made by @IsaacDavid, Textures by FreddyFredbear Screenshots
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    MicroPon3YT Animations

    Nicholas P. Wilde Rig V1

    ------------------------------------------------------------- Nicholas P. Wilde Rig V1 ([ONLY] Community Build Compatible) ------------------------------------------------------------- Download Link: V1 Features: * Custom lip-sync and expressions! [featuring SFR Facial Rig by SKIBBZ] * * Bendable and movable fingers, hands, feet and more! * * Detailed rig! * ------------------------------------------------------------- Next V2 Features: [ if possible ] *Less messy rig* * Exaggerated expressions and others* * Detailed Nick's shirt * * More proportionate* * With Judy Hopps V1 * [if possible] ------------------------------------------------------------- * Showcase Video * [Soon] * Animation Test * [Soon] ------------------------------------------------------------- Feedback and Suggestions are appreciated!
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    Broken Mercy - Thumbnail

    this is the thumbnail for broken mercy, a aniamtion based on a shadow puppet and a corrupted shadow puppet known as a blood puppet. here is the thumbnail ^-^ also a black and white version with a very old version from when i first jonied the forums
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    [Art] Bat punk girl

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    Cold Snap [2k]

    Emunator's Realistic Water Rig ÜberKiller's Skybox Rig
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    The Forest Inn [4k]

    "We traveled for days and we finally arrived, I only hope he will take our offer. . . Many now see this place as just a place of merriment for music and drink, I know better. . . This place has a history long forgotten." Getting better on my lighting! trying to add some more details to scenes know, Thanks to the new update i'm able to add a LOT bigger schematics, The Out of memory bug still resides for the extremely large ones though. Anyway Here's another scene for you guys! [ Credits: ]
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    Ender Dragon Life: The Gift

    So I recently decided to make a new channel specifically for animations, since my main channel varies quite a bit. To kick it off, I remastered a couple of my first animations. The first one uploaded was originally "The Gift: Birth of the Ender Dragon". Not sure if anyone here remembers the original, but here is the remastered version. I made some small improvements and tweaks, re-rendered in Mine-imator Community Build, and spruced up a couple of the visual effects! With this new channel, I am doing some things to try and enhance the SEO and discover-ability of the videos, etc.; hence the name change of this animation, and the likelihood of such similarities in future uploads.
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    Hey look, it's the crazy exploding girl! I might make some sort of explosion rig to follow this up.
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    Adventurer's Lounge Rig

    My first rig! I decided I would Release this room for people to experiment with! I do NOT claim to own any of the given textures included in this rig All credit for the textures goes to Monsterfish's Texture pack: https://www.planetminecraft.com/texture_pack/conquest-32x32/. I merely used the textures to make the room, furniture, and decor, Feel free to credit me and the texture pack if you use this project. Download: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B6UNUXeNCFffYWw5Z1VPMkJpSjQ [ Background Scenery Not included! ] Screenshots: I apologize if this is in the wrong sub-forum, I didn't post this in the Scenery section because it contains more than a .schematic file, If this does count as scenery any Moderators are welcome to move this thread! Hope everyone Enjoys!
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    Scar H Rig by Daffa the One

    SCAR H RIG OFFICIAL BY DAFFA THE ONE 4+ More Texture Variant Detail : *Rig model using item sheet *Shoot animation if play this rig *More detail like real life *Added shoot sound effect if play this rig *This rig modeled in Mine Imator Comunity Build and still work in Mine Imator 1.0.6 Download this rig Please like this rig for more Rig
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    Minecraft Witch wallpaper

    Witch of Mob Talker Mod & Cute mob models
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    I seem to be having trouble with shadows.