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  2. As a big fan of Rick and Morty this triggers me.
  3. I just found the same gif on the front page of Imgur.
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  5. Looks good!
  6. thank you M8
  7. Fun fact: When my big brother opened his first Crate in TF2, he got an Unusual hat.

    (I think it was Smoking Ye Olde Baker Boy for Scout)

  8. Here
  9. It's just... a gif of an episode from Rick and Morty...
  10. Lemme try
  11. This is great. I really like the cartoony stretching.
  12. steve kicking chest

    Love the in betweens, but you might wanna make them more brief.
  13. reference

    I think you'd be better off checking the source code in the Modding Mine-imator section. Perhaps I could help you better if I knew why you want to know this.
  14. That's true. I guess you'll need to rely on some friends to generate schematics for you. I'd be willing.
  15. steve kicking chest

    I saw you on the Discord, pretty nice Just going to restate that the body stretch could use work, but the leg stretch is perfect Perhaps make the body stretch duration shorter? And also, youtube videos will display properly if they don't have the at the end. Like this: ^ This link will display properly. ^
  16. Actually, that's good for a start. You've got potential. I like the fact that your style isn't very common, or from what I've seen, never used at all until now. Also, if you click Follow, you will be notified of every reply to this topic. @NeonMurray
  17. Not sure how I ended up getting the idea for this but here it is. Enjoy
  18. collab

    I was talking to the other guy, Ill add you too dont worry bro
  19. Q: Does Mine-imator have a User Manual? I'm asking this not as an inexperienced user, so much as a person interested in the continued development of Mine-imator. I am aware that a Google Search will yield some results in tutorials and demos, but to varying degrees of quality and depth of information. What I'm considering is something more as a reference to overall software operation, rather than a how-to.
  20. and the fog size is giant
  21. What. The. Absolute. F***. 1+ though for creativity
  22. The posing is pretty bad along with the lighting. just look at some other pictures for inspiration.
  23. The shadows look kinda weird.
  24. collab

    so im not? well okay
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