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  4. Another reason I am not going back to MC I guess
  5. hehehehe...... answer increase Depth of Field on backround:i dont know how to use DOF iam used 'foreground' and 'background' button where are the shadows?!: i dont know ._, (sorry for my bad english)
  6. Wow. you voted on your own poll. Ontopic: Okay wallpaper. Increase Depth of Field on Background. And where are the shadows?!
  7. ok
  8. You shouldn't just put "This sucks" and "Very nice" for the poll. Put in other options like "Okay" and "Needs improvement" or something. You use imgur. You just need to copy and paste the BBCode in.
  9. Yea the blur was way high, the name is corrupted. I like to have an unedited and edited so that my audience can see where I edit.. (and for them to criticize)
  10. yup I'll try to do that it in the next comic.
  11. its very blurry but its very good!
  12. 3D Outdor Assets: @SKIBBZ Parrot Rig: @NietyFox Sofware used: mine-imator (community build) and everyone.. can you tell me how to upload images?? (without imgur)
  13. sorry. cant remember.
  14. Make the text have a higher contrast with the background otherwise I have to squint to see what it even says. also if you're going to be making the text in-engine then make it aligned.
  15. I don't think there should be an unedited and edited picture.. just show the one that you think looks good
  16. It's satire, but i'll try for the next one.
  17. I'm back!

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      Ontopic - maybe 155th

    3. spectral


      Oh yeah, I did some science and worked out you're 155th. I'm the seventh fruit of the alphabet "3" that stretches out to five watts deep.

    4. ItzDJCrafter66
  18. You have to rename the texture to what the original name was. When retextured, MI considers the texture as "missing" because it can't find the name of the texture.
  19. I mean, it's good, but it's too damn linear.
  20. Foreground blur is too high Texture pack makes leaves look weird (in my opinion) Wallpaper name
  21. pickaxe

    ok thanks for the suggest!!, but i dont know how to use DOF, i use the button 'foreground' and 'background' (sorry for my bad engglish and grammar) video thanks!! sorry i want change my intro
  22. oh ok
  24. Good thing you're a loner irl.
  25. Sad times D:
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